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LifeRise Projects

Most Recent Grant Awarded

LifeRise AIDS Resources awarded a grant for the care of orphan and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS to grass roots evangelical Christian partner in Ethiopia, Gulele Guenet Church. 46 children attended Sunday school and received Bibles. "Love sponsors" in the church visited homes and provided emotional care. Children received food, clothing, and school fees, uniforms, and supplies. Guardians were trained.

Grant Accomplishments

  • Mekanisa Addis Kidan Baptist Church (MAKBC) -- 51 children were served through this LifeRise grant in Ethiopia. 27 children and family members came to Christ and 16 were baptized in water and became church members. Children attended Sunday school and a special retreat, received health care, school fees, food, and emotional support through home visits by volunteers. Sunday school teachers were trained.
  • Remember the Poorest Community (RPC) -- Through the LifeRise grant to RPC in Ethiopia, 45 children were served. 38 children came to Christ. In addition to spiritual care, children received clothing, health care, and assistance with school fees, uniforms, and supplies. One young girl seriously ill with diabetes was diagnosed through health care provided by the grant. This saved her life. RPC received an award for "good practice" for the grant. This award was given by the President of Ethiopia.

Future Grants

LifeRise needs to raise funds to give more grants for care of orphan and vulnerable children as well as in other areas of HIV/AIDS ministry.

Churches and individuals may give one of our grants for $6,000 -- $5,000 goes to our grass roots partner, and $1,000 comes to LifeRise for administration and monitoring. For more information on this investment for eternity, please visit Donate.

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The Need

Urgent Need for Millions

The needs of children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS are urgent and immense. Acute needs threaten a child's survival; chronic needs cause lifetime scarring which robs potential. Millions of children have lost one or both parents from AIDS, and millions more are vulnerable.

Physical and Emotional Trauma

Children experience emotional distress when their parents die. Many are then cared for by elderly grandparents or older siblings and descend into poverty. Or, they live on the street. They become malnourished.  They drop out of school. They feel afraid and isolated, face the pain of stigma, and are abused and exploited. They are at increased risk for HIV infection and other illness and die at an early age.

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LifeRise Strategy

LifeRise AIDS Resources projects for orphan and vulnerable children help them experience love and nurture, feel safe, be healthy, and achieve their God-given potential. Projects give life-saving care, strengthen families, and mobilize communities and churches to respond.f Projects

Types of Projects

Projects involve reuniting children with extended families; providing families for children through foster care or adoption; strengthening child-headed households; community or "village"-based group homes; day care programs; drop-in centers; community or church support committees or orphan trusts.

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Cycle of Trauma

Affected children enter into a “cycle of trauma” that moves from immediate crisis and risk of death to long-term loss and chronic trauma and exploitation. The further a child progresses in this cycle, the more difficult to restore healthy development. Therefore, LifeRise is most concerned with prevention of trauma for children, as well as early intervention. Our projects prevent and meet acute needs and facilitate a stable home situation. 

Holistic Child Care

LifeRise projects provide holistic care: spiritual care; food and nutrition; shelter and clothing; protection; health care; psychosocial support; education and vocational training; economic opportunity/strengthening.

Projects provide individualized services based on age, gender, stage of development, and household situation.

Family- and Community-based

In line with best practices shown to be most beneficial, LifeRise projects care for children in family and community settings rather than institutions like orphanages or large group homes. We believe this care is:

  • in accord with God’s design for family as the preferred way to raise children;
  • allows children to remain in their culture rather than an artificial environment;
  • more beneficial for child development;
  • healthier, as communicable diseases are not as readily spread;
  • less expensive and more sustainable.

Providing Services

Our projects support children with services. Therefore, we do not give cash transfers or conduct individual child sponsorship. We may partner with organizations which conduct sponsorship programs, however.

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